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Industrial Equipments For Food Industry

The food industry is thriving in the recent years and it is in great demand. There are various types of industrial equipment used in the food industry. The industrial equipment for the food industry is used for packaging, production and other processes. The following are the list of industrial equipment used for the food industry and its specific purpose.

Depositors are food industry equipment which is used for depositing a fixed amount of foodstuff say dressings for salads, sauces, etc. It can also be used as a filling for sandwiches, cookies, etc. Volumetric depositors are used for depositing a large number of food products. This type of depositors is also used for storing certain non-food products like shampoos, gels, etc. in tubes and sachets.

Mixers are important industrial equipment used for the food industry. There are various types of mixers used by the food industry for different purposes. Some of the common types of mixers are whippers, agitators, powder mixers, paste mixers, plow blade mixers, ribbon mixers, meat mixers, etc. Each of the above mixers mentioned above is used for various sectors. The primary purpose of the equipment is to mix the foodstuff based on the requirement.

Extruding Machines
These are the latest food industry equipment which is widely used to compete other in the market. This would help to produce products with improved shape, color, and definition. This machine helps in creating unique products based on the current trends of the consumers. This would differentiate your products from others in the market. An extruding machine would assist in creating products that are catchy and attractive. Twin screw extrusion and co-extrusion system are the latest models of the extruding machines. A co-extrusion system can be used for the production of food products with attractive textures and colors. You can end up manufacturing value-added food products with exotic flavors and fillings. You can find extruders in the baking sector.

This is an important type of industrial equipment used in the industry. Food products are likely to get rotten and spoiled after a few days based on the nature of the products. There are certain food products which require a refrigerator, i.e., the products would become stale when not stored at a particular temperature. Thus to keep the food products like milk, meat, etc. to be fresh you have to places them inside a refrigerator which maintains a certain temperature. There are various types of refrigerating, and they are listed below.
· Cold stores
· Spiral freezers
· Blast freezers
· Continuous Chillers
· Immersion chillers

Slicers And Dicers
This type of equipment is a lifesaver for hotels and other food processing hubs where it is used for slicing and dicing vegetable and fruits. This would help to cut foodstuff like potato, bread, pineapple, etc. You can also use this for slicing meat, fish, etc.

Snack System
These are modern food equipment which is used in the preparation of snacks like potato chips, corn, roasted nuts, etc., tortillas and other snacks. There are various latest and recent models of snack system equipment available in the market. They are used in beverages shops, bakeries, restaurants, etc.

French Fry System
This is a popular type of industrial equipment which is widely used in the food industry. This comes with a heat and frying system for preparing french fries of the desired quantity.

Packaging Equipment
This is essential industrial equipment of the food industry. Packaging is an essential requirement of the food industry. Now a majority of food products are packed based on the consumer’s demands. This type of equipment makes the packing automatic and fast. This equipment enables to pack a large number of foodstuffs in less time.

This is essential food industry equipment which is mainly used for heating water. This would generate steam which is used for cooking various food products like vegetables, rice, meat, etc. These boilers make use of high pressure for preparing various foodstuffs. This food industry equipment is ideal for processing any food. They are mainly used in hotels, bakeries, restaurants, etc.

Thus there are various types of industrial equipment which is being used in the food industry which helps to meet out its demands. All these industrial equipment help in producing a large quantity of food in less time. It also reduces the need for manual efforts in the various process of the food industry.

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