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Pharmacy Racking Solutions: Points To Consider

Pharmacy Racking Solutions: What You Need To Know?

Pharmacy sales counters are a great way to increase impulse sales by strategically displaying merchandise right in your customers’ line of sight. Pharmacy shelving is also important to ensure that your customers have an enjoyable shopping experience.

The pharmaceutical warehouse layout should be flexible enough to accommodate changes in the storage of drugs. The pharmaceutical warehouse design must incorporate a designated area for stock segregation to accommodate this requirement. Find out how leading manufacturers of supermarket racks in Hyderabad ( design racking for pharmacies. Learn more here.

What Is The Need For Racking Solutions In Pharmacy?

Pharmaceutical products must be stored under stringent conditions. Hygiene, temperature, and traceability are critical considerations for product storage. Certain storage systems are preferred over others in pharmaceutical warehouses to increase efficiency, output, and profitability.

As a pharmacy owner, you should keep in mind a few things as you begin the initial store design process of laying out your pharmacy with store fixtures. Other factors include store layout, retail space, and customer base. To increase sales, you should pay attention to the shelving displays in your pharmacy. Here are a few things your pharmacy may need to achieve good sales:

  • Glass cabinets in the pharmacy make it easier to store medications and enhance the aesthetics of the pharmacy.
  • Pharmacy racks should be modular and adaptable and make the most of available wall and floor space.
  • A pharmacy rack is incomplete without a billing counter. A pharmacy billing counter must include a bar-code scanner, credit/debit card checkout options, and an invoice printer.
  • End units are a great way to increase sales in your pharmacy because customers are drawn to them by their natural appearance.
  • Cabinets for pharmacy casework that rotate are available. They can help staff members become more efficient and reduce stress.

What Are The Types Of Racking Available For Pharmacies?

Medicines arranged in racks

Typical pharmacy casework includes adjustable shelves, base storage with countertops, and high-quality hardware, such as full-extension drawer slides with soft-close options. Below are a few popular rack solutions available for pharmacies in the country, according to one of the leading manufacturers of supermarket racks in Bangalore:

  • The most popular storage system in pharmaceutical warehouses is Selective Pallet Racking (SPR), which allows for the storage of specific cartons of SKUs by expiration dates, temperature conditions, and other criteria.
  • Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking is used to maximise storage space,
  • ASR is an automated storage and retrieval system that provides greater visibility and zero error picking, allowing faster moving products into and out of the pharmaceutical warehouse.
  • Gondola shelving can guide your customers along a prearranged footpath, create aisles, and act as temporary walls.
  • Module pharmacy casework with storage and dispensary shelving is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmacy industry. Modular pharmacy casework allows easy reuse and reconfiguration to meet your specific workflow requirements, making it a more cost-effective option.
  • Pharmacy sliding shelves are modular and can be added to accommodate inventory growth.
  • Pharmacy roll track shelving combines mobile and static wire shelves to create a high-density storage system.
  • Pharmacy roll track shelving is adaptable and allows for better visibility and ventilation.

How Does An Ideal Pharmacy Rack Solution Boost Your Loyalty Base?

Pharmacy storage solutions can help your organisation implement more efficient and organised workflow procedures. Staff can also gain the confidence to perform their jobs more efficiently. Store loyalty software can help your pharmacy retain customers and increase impulse sales. A growing number of consumers expect pharmacy store loyalty programmes, and 69 per cent of customers say that loyalty programmes influence their choice of retailer. Pharmacy customers are more likely to join a loyalty programme if they receive a welcome reward.

Psychology encourages customers to interact with your pharmacy shelving and make purchases. If you want to keep your customers coming back, you must sell non-prescription medicines and other front-end merchandise. You should rotate this display section at least once a month.

Take advantage of customers’ immediate requirements, such as having allergy relief products available during allergy season, flu and cold relief products available during flu season, and sun-protection lotions available during summer. Also, consider setting up a single display area for new items that your customers can return to during each subsequent visit. Using anything other than pharmacy storage solutions can compromise the quality and potency of medications. Pharmacy cabinets and drawers should be equipped with theft-deterrent locks and sinks.

Key Takeaway:

Pharmacy storage shelving reduces your footprint by allowing you to store and organise medications more efficiently while conserving space. Take advantage of the tips above to choose the best racks for your pharmacy.

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