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Industrial Equipments For Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is a highly significant industry which manufactures medicines which are used for treating various diseases. There is various industrial equipment used in the pharmaceutical industry so that you can produce drugs in a controlled environment. The primary process of the pharmaceutical industry is capsulation, tableting, coating, powder processing, etc. Pharmaceutical equipment is listed below along with its purpose and use.
The following are some of the pharmaceutical equipment widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture and packaging of drugs and medicines.

Agitators are main pharmaceutical equipment which is used mainly for mixing the liquids. It is a device which puts the chemical products in motion. It is used as an apparatus for stirring the various chemicals. They come in various sizes and types. It is used primarily for heating and mixing chemical solutions. This device facilitates in mixing the chemical products used for the manufacture of drugs at high speeds.

Capsule Equipment
This pharmaceutical equipment is mainly used for filling the drug inside the capsule, polishing it and sorting it based on its quality. This equipment can be used to fill the specific type of medicine in a tablet. The machine fills the right quantity of drug into a capsule.

These are special pharmaceutical equipment which is used for coating the tablets and capsules with various coatings like sugar coating and several others.

High-Pressure Homogenizer
Homogenizers are mainly used for reducing the particle size of the pharmaceutical drugs. Drugs like antibiotics, nutraceuticals, etc. require particle size reduction. This is essential for the preparation of the drug. Homogenizers are the perfect pharmaceutical equipment for achieving particle size reduction of various types of drugs. This is ideal equipment which is scalable and saves a lot of money compared to other mixing methods. Emulsion and dispersion of the pharmaceutical products are carried out using a homogenizer.

Blister Packers
These are packaging equipment for packing tablets, syringes, capsules and other pharmaceutical products in blister packs. This would offer a secure and safe package for the drugs. It is used for packing or sealing drugs or medicines in a paper backing. The equipment makes use of heat and pressure for packaging.

Metal Detectors
This type of pharmaceutical equipment is mainly used for detecting metal bodies during the manufacture of drugs. The device would identify metal objects like screws, nuts present in the pharmaceutical products. This equipment is essential for removing the contamination present in the pills. It can detect and remove even the minute impurities present in the tablets. It is entirely automatic and does not require human intervention for detection. It works on the principle of balance coil.

This pharmaceutical equipment is mainly used for grinding purpose. This equipment can crush various types of materials. You can use this for grinding and preparing the drugs by grinding various pharmaceutical products. There are multiple types of pulverizer based on the grinding speed.

Tablet Press
This pharmaceutical equipment is used for compressing the powdered drugs into tablets of a specific size and weight. This equipment performs a pressing action of punches and dies. There are two types of tablet pressing equipment which is used in the pharmaceutical industry. They are single punch and rotary tablet press. This equipment helps in producing thousands of tablets of the required shape in less time.

Tablet De-duster
This pharmaceutical equipment is used mainly for eliminating the dust present on the surface of the tablets. This is achieved through a vibrating effect. This equipment is attached directly to the tablet press equipment so that your drugs would be clean without any dust in its surface. The dust along the surface and edges of the tablet can be removed. The dust is collected using a dust extraction container that comes along with the equipment.

Induction Sealers
This pharmaceutical equipment performs sealing using induction current so that you can seal drugs without direct contact. This type of packaging would avoid leakage in drugs. It can seal plastic and glass containers containing drugs. This equipment makes sure that the medicines are fresh and increase its shelf life. There are several benefits of using an induction sealer in the pharmaceutical industry.
The detailed knowledge of the above pharmaceutical equipment would help to improve the productions of drugs. The increase in the use of the above pharmaceutical equipment has led to the rise in the production of drugs.

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